What is transition planning

Whether you are a business owner, executive, or professional – a transition plan helps you move successfully from full-time work to eventual exit from the workforce.  Preparing a transition plan is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to redefine the life you want to live.

While traditional retirement planning focuses on financial aspects only, a transition plan will help you plan the personal side of your transition from your career or business.

A transition plan focuses on the aspects of your life that are often overlooked -although key to the success of your plans and ultimately a meaningful life beyond work.

A transition plan will help you work through your dreams, relationships, goals, and unique circumstances; to create a clear action plan that helps you gain a deep understanding of your desires and the funds required to successfully realize your ambitions.

As part of the transition planning process you will create a pathway to transition from your career and business including; how, why, and when it will work for you, and what a meaningful life will look like. For business owners, we then create a business strategy around selling, transferring, or redefining operations.

But a new way of life doesn’t come easily. It requires challenging the status qua, careful planning, creative thinking, and the help of a trusted advisor.

Why Transition?

Transition Planning Process

Head & Heart

As part of the transition planning process, you work through matters of both the head and heart so that you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to transition away from work.

How do I transition out of my career or business ownership?

What’s the right timing?

What will I do every day?

How can I prepare?

What income do I need?

Will I continue some work?

How do I sell or exit my business for maximum financial gain or remain for ongoing value?


Who am I when I’m not at work?

What do I still want to achieve?

How do reconnect with my partner, family & friends?

How will I stay fit and healthy?

How will I feel?

How will I manage others expectations?

What do I want to give back?

How can I redefine my life?

How do I overcome uncertainty?



Proven programs, expert advice and a challenge

As a transition planning consultant licensed with Transition Planning Australia, I am able to access a proven programs and materials from the Successful Transition Planning Institute of Cambridge (Boston) Massachusetts, USA. We take the time to create a personalized program to suit your busy schedule, drawing on private programs, self-assessments, seminars, workshops, and books. You’ll receive a comprehensive, clear action plan, including strategies and steps for both your personal and business life.


Programs: Think, Live, Decide

In business, planning is strategic, structured, and focused on outcomes, and we think personal planning should be the same. You’ll find our programs rigorous and systematic, delivering you a well-considered transition plan in the most efficient way possible.

  • Transition thinking
  • Emotional preparation
  • Ways to transition
  • Fear discovery & transformation
  • New ownership
  • Goal setting

Decide for business owners
  • Business transition process
  • Success defined
  • Transition approaches
  • Goal setting
  • New ownership
  • Company value
  • Strategic plan
  • Advisors required

A new way of planning retirement


Inspiration and Fresh Thinking

Towards the end of your career, it’s common to feel tired, stuck in a rut, or to have difficulty imagining a different way of living. We’re here to motivate you, inspire you, and discover new options you’ve never considered. We’ll work with you to create a transition to a fulfilling, meaningful life and equip you to tackle the changes and challenges ahead.


Complement Existing Advisors

We work in close partnership with you and your existing business advisors – such as accountants, lawyers, and financial planners. Our clients commonly find that creating a well-rounded transition plan allows them to create more realistic strategies and plans with other trusted advisors.


Is Transition Planning For Me?

Transitioning out of work isn’t always as simple as enjoying your farewell lunch and taking off in a camper van. While retirement means withdrawing from work completely, transition planning is a crucial step to prepare for and perhaps ease into, retirement. It involves creating a proactive plan for the life you want to live – not just work, but also considering your family and relationships, health, recreation, spirituality, interests, and community. For business owners, it’s essential to create this personal vision first, to establish the baseline for a successful and realistic business transition plan.

After a lifetime of career success and achievement, your transition plan is likely to be dynamic, ambitious, challenging, and life-changing. Transition planning is for professionals, executives, and business owners who are still working, but want to plan for their transition by:

  • Redefining their lives beyond their existing career and business
  • Using a structured, strategic approach
  • Creating an action plan with clear, easy steps for both personal and business life
  • Gaining new perspectives and fresh ideas
  • Preparing well in advance – both emotionally and intellectually
  • Addressing the emotions, dynamics, and relationships affected by this major life change
  • Considering all options, including easing out of work gradually, starting a new business, or selling an existing business successfully


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