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My mission is to provide you with the right financial advice, at the right time and in the right environment for each stage of your life so that you can the live the life you dream of.

I can provide you with financial planning, retirement planning, transition planning or estate planning advice as one off advice or as ongoing advice depending on your circumstances, stage in life and priorities.

I usually follow a 7 step process to help me gain an understanding of your current situation, establish what your goals are and to decide which strategies to use to achieve them.



  1. Telephone call/Coffee meeting –The first step is usually a telephone call or a coffee meeting to have an informal discussion about what stage in life you are at, what your plans and to see if I may be able to help you along your journey.
  2. Why – At this meeting I will help you establish your personal and financial goals by exploring your non-financial goals or matters of the heart including your hopes, dreams and fears about the future.
  3. Information Gathering –  Once we have explored what your goals and dreams are for the future, I need to get a thorough understanding of the components of your financial life. Just bring all your information in and I will make sense of it all for you.
  4. Strategy – At this meeting we will work together to develop strategies to help you achieve your personal and financial goals.
  5. Showcase – This is the meeting where I will present your retirement plan, estate plan, transition plan or wealth blueprint bringing together your dreams, goals, objectives and strategies to achieve them.
  6. Making It Happen– Working together with someone you trust is very important or you will not be confident enough to make it happen and implement that changes required to help you achieve your goals and transition to the next stage in your life.
  7. Stay On TrackIf you have chosen to receive ongoing financial advice, we will review your progress on a regular basis and if necessary update your plans for your changing life circumstances.

The above process is not ‘hard and fast’, and frequently changes depending on your circumstances and the advice required.

The environment where we hold our meetings is entirely up to you and can be at your local café, face to face in a meeting room or over the internet using the latest technology.


A detailed schedule of my fee structure is shown below in the attached Financial Services Guide. My costs depend on the type of advice you require and the level of complexity involved in your circumstances. I will provide you the Terms of Engagement before we commence working together, so that you can clearly see what services I am going to provide and the costs involved.

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